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1. Write it down
Writing things down helps you remember them and just like taking notes, you can look back on it later. I suggest writing it down multiple times in multiple places. Keep your resolution where you can see it. A sticky note on your bathroom mirror, by your bed, in your kitchen, on your computer screen, on your cell phone, wherever you are most likely to look! The more you read your resolution throughout the day, the more likely you will be to make it happen. It’s also nice to write down the reason for setting the resolution, why its important to you, so that you can look back on it later as a reminder of why you are going for it.


2. Set a date
Setting a date turns your resolution into a goal. You know when you want to complete it by and can take the appropriate steps to reach it. Envision yourself completing your goal. Write it on your calendar to lock it in!


3. Tell your friends
Sharing is caring, so talk to your friends about your goal and let them know how important it is to you. Maybe they have a resolution of their own to share? Talk about it and get some encouragement. The more you put it out there the more accountable you’ll be for it.


4. Take action
You know your goal, you have a date set, now go for it! Map out what it will take to get you there and give yourself daily reminders of what you need to do to achieve it. Before you go to bed decide what actions you are going to take the next day. Set little reminders for yourself and get moving!


5. Celebrate 
Sometimes you can get so caught up in your resolution or goal that it becomes work. Remember why you set the resolution, why its important to you. Go back and read what you wrote down from #1. Celebrate along the way as you get closer and closer to reaching your resolution or goal. Be proud of yourself for going for it!


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