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1. Turn “I can’t have” into “I can have” –
If you spend your time focusing on all the stuff you’re missing out on, then all you will want is that stuff you’re missing out on. Change your perception and focus on all the wonderful things you still can have and your world will become a lot brighter.

2. Give yourself time to adjust –
Give yourself time to tread the gluten free waters. Tell yourself you won’t decide that you do or do not like it until you’ve done it for a certain amount of time. Don’t throw in the towel after a day, give yourself a couple weeks to feel the change!

3. Try new things –
There are many foods that are naturally gluten free and delicious. Add some variety to your diet to make the switch easier on you. Foods that are naturally gluten free include poultry, seafood, game meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, and legumes. As long as these foods aren’t pre-seasoned or in a mix with something else, they should be gluten free. To be sure, get it fresh.

4. Prepare your meals in advance –
It’s much easier to avoid temptation or accidental consumption of gluten when you pack your own meals. Pack a hearty lunch and a couple of snacks in a cooler bag and take your food to go.

5. Realize you are starting a new habit –
Your body’s natural reaction to a big change such as this one is to shut it down and continue doing what it knows. Know that some days or meals will be harder than others. Your body is used to a certain way of doing things and it will take a little time to get it acclimated to your new way of living. Once you do, it will thank you!

6. Don’t cheat –
There are a lot of gluten free eaters out there who like to “reward” themselves for eating so well by having a meal with gluten. This is so counterproductive to all the great things you are trying to do for your body. If you have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, do yourself and your body a favor and truly go gluten free. You can still reward yourself without sacrificing your health, find out what you like and treat yourself to it! (I like to treat myself to peanut butter and chocolate chips!)


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Thank you for visiting Charlotte’s Corner!

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