VEGAS and Buffets!

So I’m in Vegas & have been there for a week, eating successfully. We pack up and decide to grab lunch before the airport. We walk over to a cafe restaurant, sit down look at the menu & decide to move on.

We then go to a buffet. I know, lots of stuff I can’t eat. Already a little upset but what the heck. I always ask for a chef to walk me through which I did. Normally they are so helpful. In this case, the chef walked me around pointed out about 3 things out of a hundred different options and said to me “not much for you here” before he turned and walked away! Normally the chef will offer to make me something if there isn’t much out there. After all I had just paid $26.00 for lunch. He did not offer.  So I put a chunk of pork & a rubbery piece of steak on my plate and I went back to the table.
My husband looked at me and said “you look a little upset”
I said “I’m totally mad and I just want to be this way right now!”

As I started eating tears were flowing down my face. I just couldn’t help it. With every bite more tears.  My sweet husband went searching the buffet and found boiled shrimp, sashimi, and other things I could eat. He’s not used to seeing me in tears.  It’s so interesting to me how I can be a business woman, mother, grandmother and still get so over emotional that I can’t even find myself the food I know I CAN eat on the buffet…. More later!