1. Oh you eat gluten free too, awesome! Wait…you just ordered bread sticks… –

Realizing someone you know also eats gluten free is fantastic. You now have a friend who KNOWS how you feel when trying to find food to eat. There’s someone who can relate to the social awkwardness of not being able to eat until you ask a million questions. Yes! But then you go out to eat with this person and they order a meal that obviously contains gluten. When you say I thought you eat gluten free, they respond with, “Yeah, but those bread sticks are so good I just had to get some!”

You, my friend are NOT gluten free. You are one of the people who make it even harder to be taken seriously as a gluten free eater. That’s like saying you’re a vegan and ordering a steak, you just don’t do it. Eat what you want, but don’t label yourself gluten free if you’re still eating gluten.

2. People INSISTING to cook for you when they don’t know much about gluten free cooking –

First off, anyone who offers to learn gluten free cooking for you is amazing. They have good intentions and want to make you feel comfortable. But what they don’t realize is how uncomfortable it can make a person with celiac disease to not have control over their food. If you’re anything like me when someone says they’ll cook for you, all you can picture is a mess of cross contamination **cringe**. You know you trust someone when you let them cook for you!

3. Ordering off a gluten free menu and being served gluten –

So a food server with a lack of gluten free knowledge brings you a side of toast with your omelet or you order a salad and it comes with croutons. Not the end of the world right? But then you start to think, I ordered gluten free, what else about my meal isn’t gluten free? Now you have to ask the food server to redo your order because with celiac disease an eighth of a teaspoon of gluten can affect your body. As the server looks at you like you have two heads, you have to calmly explain that you need to have it remade, not just taken to the back to have the gluten items “picked out”. Now you begin to wonder whether or not your remade food will be safe since you now may be considered a “pain in the butt” to the wait staff. Oh the joys of eating out gluten free.

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