I’m invited to a surprise party tonight for a very close friend.  I have been stressing about this for days. Yes, me stressing! You would think that after this long I would be used to these situations.  I’ve been stressing for two reasons.

  1. The restaurant that the event is at I don’t eat at because I have had many problems with them in the past.
  2. My friend is so excited about her menu that I don’t have the heart to make it about me.

She’s so excited about the pizza and salad that she has ordered for everyone, all I can do is dread this event! It’s not that she doesn’t know about my food allergies it’s just that she has other things on her mind and I’m not going to make this about me.

In my reality it is about me. At this restaurant even the salad is not ok. It’s always served with croutons, and the dressing is made with parmesan cheese. When I’ve tried to explain this to the wait staff in the past, all they do is remove the croutons from the pre-made salad and call it good.  They make a big deal about the salad dressing and give me a scowl when I order oil & vinegar.

So what to do? I’m going to eat before I go! Take a deep breath and remember why I’m there!

And, make a big old Chocolate Cake for myself when I get home! Woohoo!