Items Needed:

  • wire whisk
  • medium pot
  • medium bowl
  • small bowl
  • separator cup


  • Giblets from turkey
  • 6 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 1 tbsp dehydrated dill
  • Water (enough to fill a medium pot)
  • 8 tbsp brown rice flour

Step by Step

Makes 8 cups

1. Place giblets in medium pot with boiling water, water should just be covering giblets.

2. Add bouillon cubes and dill

3. Add water until the pot is filled.

4. Cook for about two hours.

5. Take all juice from turkey pan and put in bowl. Let sit for about 5 minutes or until juice begins to separate.

6. Scoop 8 tablespoons off the top of the juice (should be the oil) and set aside in a small bowl.

7. Pour remaining juice into a separator measuring cup and let set until oil rises to the top.

8. Once oil separates, pour juices from bottom into a medium bowl and set aside. (stop pouring when juice turns to oil) Repeat until all the juices are extracted from the turkey drippings.

9. Mix turkey juice and gravy base together in bowl.

10. Pour the 8 tablespoons of oil into a medium pot.

11. Add brown rice flour and whisk until it becomes crumbly.

12. Add gravy mixture, 1 cup at a time while continuing to whisk, until your desired consistency is reached.

13. Don’t leave for too long without stirring. Remove from heat when desired consistency is reached


Extra Tips/Notes

·   Make sure to mix flour in well and be sure to mix from the edges of the pot to keep the flour from sticking.

·   Tilt pot while whisking to keep flour from sticking to the edges.

·   When using brown rice flour, use 1 cup less liquid than you would for normal gravy, to get the same results.

*If you follow a kosher diet, you will not typically find the giblets in your kosher turkey because of the kosher processing. It is considered a specialty item and will have to be ordered at your local kosher butcher or super market.