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Going out the eat with people you know and who are used to your food sensitivities is one thing, its a whole different experience when you’re planning to go with someone you’re still getting to know. Finding food to eat when you’re gluten free can be tough and dating can already be uncomfortable, so putting the two together can seem a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make your next gluten free date a bit easier!

1. Be honest

It’s much easier (and less stressful) when you are upfront with your date about your food sensitivities. You don’t have to go into full detail, for example, “I must not eat anything with gluten because it causes abdominal bloating and gas.” Probably not the smoothest way to approach the subject! Clue them in without giving the nasty details, “Just to let you know I have certain food allergies/issues, so would it be alright to let me decide where we eat?” Easy.

2. Spare the details

You don’t need to tell your date all about your battle with gluten and diagnosis with celiac disease after so long of struggling with brutal symptoms… Leave a little to the imagination and cover the topic briefly when it comes up (because it’s bound to come up if food is around). If all goes well, you’ll have a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th date to fill in the details!

3. Take care of yourself first

Taking care of your body is one of the most attractive things you can do! If your date cares at all, they will not want you to get sick. Eating gluten to make the date less awkward will not benefit anyone, especially when your date finds out you are intentionally hurting yourself for their benefit. Nobody wants to see you hurt and you definitely don’t want to deal with the symptoms after!

4. Put the focus on something other than food

Yes eating is important and every good date usually involves food of some sort, but it doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your time together. Plan something fun, whether outdoors or in, start making a list of all the things you could suggest for a fun date. Take away the pressure of going out to dinner and get to know the person without food being the deciding factor.


Anything you would like to add? Let me know, comment below!

Thank you for visiting Charlotte's Corner!

Thank you for visiting Charlotte’s Corner!

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