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Hello! My name is Karen Mahoy. I am a business owner and founder of I also am a wife, mom, grandma, and a food allergy survivor!   I love to cook, creating the glue that holds a family together. Dinner has always been a requirement in our household, and having good food is a must.   When my daughter, Charlotte, was diagnosed with celiac disease, I did a silent struggle to make sure that life would not change too much for her. Going to the grocery store became a challenge, but I just tried not to make a big deal about it because after all, my daughter was sick and I could make her better.

I had my own struggles with health. I have an autoimmune disease (Mixed Connective tissue disorder and Epstein Barr Syndrome).  This causes constant joint pain, in my hips, shoulders, hands, and feet. I also am exhausted most of the time and always feel as if I’m catching the flu.  This was the last straw! I went to my natural doctor and had some allergy tests done for me too.   I was diagnosed with food allergies! Gluten, dairy, and yeast were the most prevalent.

Wow, I thought that I had it all together, but with the first grocery store visit I was in tears! You would have thought that I had all this worked out already, but I was still in complete shock! That was it! I immediately changed my diet and guess what?  My joint pain became more tolerable, and though I am still tired, I don’t have the constant complete exhaustion that I had been experiencing!

This lead to my passion! I wanted to shout out to the world that all of the things you think you can’t have you CAN! Just a little differently! It is my goal to let the world know that LIFE IS SPECTACULAR! Even better then before!