Wasilla, Alaska Gluten-Free Guide

Local places in Wasilla, Alaska for Gluten-Free and healthy options.



Crema Coffee House and Pastries

1201 South Rogers circle
Wasilla, Alaska, AK 99654

Dedicated gluten-free menu and one of the chiefs is gluten-free.
A fantastic coffee house with gluten-free and vegan pastries!

Red Robin
1891 E Parks Hwy
Wasilla, AK 99654

They have gluten-free menu online, very accommodating. Sonya the bartender knows a lot and is very accommodating.
I usually order a lettuce wrapped bacon and tomato burger with fruit salad. So yummy! They also have other gluten-options!

Sukura Sushi
991 S Hermon Rd #600
Wasilla, AK 99654

No dedicated Gluten-Free menu. Good place for sushi that has gluten-free vinegar in their rice. Smaller dining room, but cozy. I almost always order to go and its delicious.

Basil Ginger

850 South Robert Street
Wasilla, Alaska, AK 99654

No dedicated Gluten-Free menu. They are still new so this might change. Basil Ginger is a great place for sushi and Thai cuisine. Their sushi rice is gluten-free and they have a very nice atmosphere. Make sure you let them know you are gluten-free of course and watch out, some of their menu items are missing key points so make sure you know how it’s going to be cooked.

Pho Vatsana

1051 E Bogard Rd Ste 8
Wasilla, Alaska, AK 99654

Thai food has many Gluten-Free options by default, but they have no dedicated gluten-free menu but they are very good about adding, subtracting, and accommodating. Really great Lao – Thai restaurant. I love thier curry’s, seafood salad, and for apps the chicken on a stick (no bread) and fresh spring rolls.

Mat-Su family Restaurant

401 W. Parks Highway
Wasilla, AK 99654

No dedicated Gluten-Free menu, but if you know what you’re wanting, they accommodate as much as possible. I order crispy corned beef hash, eggs over easy, with fruit. NO bread, NO cheese, NO butter. Great place for breakfast.

Bistro Red Beet

5031 E Mayflower Ln, # 1
Wasilla, Alaska, AK 99654

Gluten-Free lunch & dinner items, baked goods, etc. This is directly from Bistro Red Beet: “We are, indeed, a fully dedicated gluten, soy, corn free eatery in Wasilla. We have a full bakery – cookies, cakes, pastries, breads, muffins, as well as all Gluten Free food. We also do Paleo, dairy free and egg free baked goods and special order cakes.”

The Grape Tap

322 N Boundary St,
Wasilla, AK 99654

Elevated New American dishes plated in a quaint house with a European wine cellar & backyard tables. Offers Gluten-Free options and will accommodate as much as possible.

I excluded pizza places that say gluten-free crust. Most places do these days but I just can’t trust them due to to high a risk of cross-contamination. Regardless, I myself don’t order them much because I also can not have yeast or dairy.

Do you have more to add? Let me know!