Gluten-Free Imitation Crab Brand Guide.

Are you Gluten-Free and miss Imitation Crab!? I have curated a list of GLUTEN-FREE Imitation crab brands for all of us that love seafood and hate gluten. I hope this list will provide you with some wonderful options to your and gluten-free recipes.

Gluten-Free Options:


  • Trans-Ocean


Not Certified but listed Gluten-Free:
  • Kanimi Seafarer Teasures
  • Kroger
  • Classic Creations (Walmart)



The only CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE option I can find!

Effective Fall 2014, their production plant became a dedicated, 100% gluten-free facility and all of their products are now gluten-free! You’ll find a gluten-free banner on all packaging.

Trans-Ocean offers a variety of gluten free imitation crab and seafood products:

  • Crab Classic Flake
  • Crab Classic Chunk
  • Crab Classic Leg
  • Crab Classic Shred
  • Crab Supreme
  • Lobster Classic
  • Shrimp
  • Scallops
  • Smoked Salmon

Trans-Ocean Products


        Seafarer Treasures

The Seafarer Teasures from Kanimi is the only package they make gluten-free. No other Kanimi products are gluten-free.. yet.

Classic Creations (Walmart Brand):

Gluten Free Imitation Crab


Gluten Free Imitation Crab

Not Gluten-Free

  • Louis and Kemp
  • Sea Best
  • Sea Queen (Aldi Brand)
  • Trident Seafood Brand:
    • Leg-A-Sea
    • Seafest
    • Sealegs
    • Pacific Mate
    • Sea Shells
  • Aquamar
  • Hilos Amano Kanikama
  • Signature Kitchens Seafood Imitation Crab (Carrs and Safeway Brand)