Here is a step by step guide to going gluten-free even with your busy on the go lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions so you can easily develop the skills to help you make yummy safe choices without the stress!!!

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Four steps to correcting your on-the-go eating habits

Identify what YOUR on-the-go means

– How often are you on-the-go?
– What eating habits do you have while running errands?
– Do you plan weekend outings for your kids that include feeding everyone?
– How does your breakfast, lunch and dinner look with a daily commute to work?
– Do you prefer restaurants for dinner?

Know the environment of your destination

– Busy in your hometown area?
– Weekend excursions?
– Long daily commutes to work?
– Restaurants you patronize often or even daily?

Recognize your eating habits

– Write down what you currently eat in these situations.
– Find locations of your favorite foods to easily buy.
– Know the foods you can supplement with if your favorite isn’t available.
– Keep a list of common gluten-free snacks found in convenience stores.
– Check menus of your favorite restaurants.

Change your choices from within your environment.

– Call ahead to ask restaurants in your destination about gluten-free options.
– Identify a local whole foods store for your favorite blend of foods.
– Carry a cooler in your vehicle.
– Keep water and juices available.
– Carry a small blender to easily whip up your favorite mix of smoothies.